Take a moment to observe what is happening around you. Every moment we take so much from
mother earth and return nothing but harm. It’s time to change.
It’s time for your journey towards sustainability…

Welcome to Viblle

At Viblle we help you begin your sustainable journey and guide you throughout.
We are a community, we stand together for this beautiful planet we live in and continue living.
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Our Mission

At Viblle we strive to take the information about true sustainability to everyone. And by doing that we believe
we can achieve our mission of happier and greener earth.We aim to achieve three
of the 11 goals of Sustainable development by UN.

Sustainable Living

Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities.
We want to bring sustainable living and practices to every household. By doing this we believe we can create a sustainable community together.

Responsible Consumption

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
We want to guide everyone to be a responsible consumer. We support the consumers to make the right purchasing decisions. A decision that is friendly to the society and the environment.

Climate Action

Goal 13: Take urgent actions to combat climate change and impacts.
By taking small steps we can reduce the impact we make to the environment. Our goal is to start small and create greater changes that impacts the climate change as a community.

What people say about sustainability

Sustainability is a choice, one where we choose to acknowledge the rarity of our many beautiful resources and decide to live in harmony with them. Responsible consumption and responsible production form the crux of this new wave of awareness and appreciation of our planet.
Shruti Rawal
Founder of Ewoke Studio
Sustainability is a new form of spirituality. That is to say seeking to understand, access and act on something that is more important than oneself, that is beyond us and so fundamental to our existence. Whether it concerns environmental, political or human issues, we understand that we have to accomplish something good, for ourselves, as for the common good. Sustainability is not a religion, it is not a partial and biased choice, it is a way of life that everyone, at their own level, must work towards.
Xavier Pavie
Professor at ESSEC
Sustainability is about protecting the environment and giving back to the earth. We have to do good now so that our future generations can have clean air, fresh water and other natural resources. Respecting nature and the earth that provides for us is also a big part of Indian culture
Rajya Lakshmi l